Courses Postgraduate Office

Name code Units Major Prerequesties Description
Nanocomposites science and technology 3291333 POLYMER INDUSTRIES
Adhesion 3292153 COLOR INDUSTRIES
Adv. industrial resin engineering 3282153 COLOR INDUSTRIES
Adv. kinetics and reactor design 3282193 COLOR INDUSTRIES
Advanced characterization of polymers 3284513 POLYMERIZATION
Advanced colorimetry 3282173 COLOR INDUSTRIES
Advanced control in polymer systems 3281713 POLYMER INDUSTRIES
Advanced control of polymer processes 3284503 POLYMERIZATION
Advanced engineering of polymerization processes 3284123 POLYMERIZATION
Advanced kinetics and reactor design 3284143 POLYMERIZATION
Advanced mathematics 3282183 COLOR INDUSTRIES
Advanced mathematics in polymer engineering 3281193 POLYMER INDUSTRIES
Advanced mathematics in polymerization engineering 3284133 POLYMERIZATION
Advanced mechanics of composites 3291223 POLYMER INDUSTRIES
Advanced physical chemistry of polymers 3281213 POLYMER INDUSTRIES
Advanced physical chemistry of polymers 3284113 POLYMERIZATION
Advanced polymer processing 3291113 POLYMER INDUSTRIES
Advanced polymer rheology 3284153 POLYMERIZATION
Advanced polymer synthesis 3291153 POLYMER INDUSTRIES
Advanced polymer synthesis and catalytic systems 3284103 POLYMERIZATION