Electrochemistry and corrosion lab

Electrochemistry and corrosion lab

Ali Asghar Sarabi Dariani

  • Introduction

test no. 1 - measurement of corrosion rate by weight loss

experiment no 2 - part 1 galvanic corrosion

experiment no 2- part 2  galvanic corrosion

experiment no 4 - cathodic reactions in corrosion

experiment no 5 - electrochemical cells

experiment n0 6 - anodic and cathodic areas on corrosion reactions

experiment no 7polarization curves , measurment of corrosion rates

experiment no 8 - polarization curves , measurements of corrosion rates for cupper and zinc

experiment no 9 - passivatin of metals

experiment no 10-zinc plating from acid solutions and effect of diffrent paramert on properties

experiment no 11 - phosphating of metals - effect of temp. accelators , time of immersion on properties of coating