Introduction of Polymerization Group
 Polymerization group was founded in 2012 in the Department of Polymer Engineering and Color Technology of  Amirkabir University of Technology. The main goal of founding this group is to train strong and skilled graduates who could have activity in upstream side of polymer synthesis and production industries.
Graduates with bachelor degree in polymer engineering may choose to continue their education in polymerization field leading to a master degree in this area in order to gain technical and scientific knowledge in the science edge. Hence, these graduates gain ability to work in a wide range of industrial plants.
Having large reservoirs of petroleum and gas, Iran has high potential in order to produce high value polymer based petrochemical products. Therefore, these graduates could participate in production of valuable polymers in the related upstream as well as downstream industries.
It is worth to mention that the thesis of graduates in polymerization group will be defined based on the industrial needs. Hence, the graduates achieve high level of knowledge in applied research as well.
The polymerization group is honored to be the first in academic centers of Iran.


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