Biopolymers Laboratory

Head: Prof. Hamid Mirzadeh
Technician: Eng. Shaghayegh Kaviani-Samani.
Address: second Floor, Department of polymer Engineering
Telephone: +98(21)64542420

Educational/ Researching:
Principal Experiments:
1- Fabrication of tissue engineering scaffolds
2-Design and fabrication  of drug delivery systems
3- Fabrication of nano and micro particles
4- Fabrication of scaffolds by freeze dryer
5- Concentration determination of polymeric solutions
6- pH measurement
7- Biocompatibility and MTT tests
8- Monitoring of release from drug delivery systems
9- Imaging with optical microscope
10- Photo-curing of polymers in the wavelengths of 254 and 365 nanometers
11- Concentration determination of Proteins and Peptids with Elisa Microplate reader
12- Centrifuge
13- Sterilization with UV and Autoclave

1- Freeze Dryer
2- Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
3- Elisa Microplate reader
4- UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
5- Centrifuge
6- pH meter
7- Oven (37˚ C)
8- Incubator
9- Biological hood
10- Incubator Shaker
11- Electrospinning (2 devices)
12 Ultrasonic Bath
13- Autoclave
14- Optical Microscope (2 devices)
15- water bath
16- Oven
18- Spin Coater
Summary of laboratory activities:
Since 2012, Biopolymers laboratory has been affiliated to Vice President of Science and Technology Biotechnology Development Staff. In this lab, designing, fabrication, characterization and evaluation of tissue engineering scaffolds and drug delivery systems and their properties are done. In addition, cell culture and bacterial growth measurements on biopolymers, polymer curing, determination of protein and peptide concentration, and microscopic imaging are performed. The lab has carried out several national projects, including the Cochlear Implants Program, Biocompatible Polymers Project, and Nimad Project. So far, 107 graduate students have completed their master's or doctoral projects, and more than 200 ISI papers resulting biopolymer lab research have been published in international journals.

The average annual number of students who work at biopolymer lab is 28 students.

The average annual tests number for  industry-out-of-university tests is 50

The average number of research tests per year for students is 450.

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