Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Head: Dr. Manouchehr Khorasani
Technician: Ms. Atefeh Alimadadi

Address: second Floor, Department of polymer Engineering
Telephone: +98(21)64542482

Educational/ Research:
Educational and Research

Principal Experiments:


  1. Recrystallization of Acetanilide.

  2. Boiling point determination. Simple distillation. Vapor water distillation.

  3. Extraction of chlorophyll by Soxhlet method.

  4. Melting point determination.

  5. Synthesis of ethyl acetate by esterification.

  6. Aspirin and soap preparation. Lucas test.

  7. Chromatography.


1.Boiling point apparatus

Summary of the Laboratory Activities:
The laboratory course in organic chemistry provides a “hands on” environment that is crucial for developing your understanding of theoretical concepts and reactions.
The important realm of a laboratory course is to expose the student to the safe handling of many different types of chemicals as well as to the myriad of apparatus and equipment used in the lab. The laboratory experience also helps the student to understand and interpret experimental procedures.
On average, on each semester 50 undergraduate students attend this course. Moreover, 20 graduate students work on their projects.

The annual average No. of students, receiving education:
100 students

The annual average No. of samples, received from industries/outside of the department:
2 samples

The annual average No. of samples, received from the students in the department:
20 samples

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