Surface Coating Resins Laboratory

Head: Dr. Morteza Ebrahimi
Technician: Samaneh Jafari fard
Address: second Floor, Department of polymer Engineering
Telephone: +98(21)645424

Laboratory Supervisor:

Laboratory Instructor:

Educational/ Research:
Laboratory is active in both fields.
Principal Experiments:
Iodine value
Epoxy equivalent weight (EEW)
Acid value
Saponification value
Solid content
Synthesis of epoxyester resin
Synthesis of alkyd resin
Synthesis of acrylic resin

Double layer glass reactor
Probe ultrasonic
Bath ultrasonic
Laboratory mixer
Heater stirrer
Analytical balance with 0.01 and 0.001 resolution
Summary of the Laboratory Activities:
In this laboratory, there is necessary instruments for synthesis and analysis of industrial resins.
The annual average No. of students, receiving education:
30 students

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