Chemistry and Technology of dyes Laboratory

Head: Dr. Morteza Ebrahimi
Address: second Floor, Department of polymer Engineering
Telephone: +98(21)64542440

Educational/ Research:
Laboratory is active in both fields.
Principal Experiments:
Synthesis of picramic acid
Synthesis of pigment Red 2
Synthesis of orange 2
Synthesis of yellow 4                                                                 
Synthesis of naphthol blue black
Synthesis of para Red
Synthesis of naphthol yellow S
Synthesis of shefers acid
Synthesis of p-nitroacetanilide
Synthesis of p-nitroaniline
Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC, Purification & characterization)
Purification with Recrystallization
Material Characterization (FTIR, NMR, UV-Vis, Mass Spectroscopy)

Digital Melting Point Instrument                   
Rotary Evaporator
Laboratory Mixer
Heater Stirrer
Analytical Balance with 0.01 Resolution

Summary of the Laboratory Activities:
In this laboratory, there is necessary instruments for synthesis and analysis of synthetic dyes and pigments

In average, 10 undergraduate students are annually instructed in this Lab.


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