Process Dynamics and Control Laboratory

Head: Dr. Mehdi Rafizadeh
Technician: Researcher in graduate level
Address: second Floor, Department of polymer Engineering
Telephone: +98(21)64542468
Educational/ Research:
Education and Research

Principal Experiments:
Polyester (aliphatic and aromatic) synthesis, Electrospinning, Ubbelohde viscometer, Acid end group titration

2 stainless steel Buchi reactors (600 and 1000 ml), Electrospinning, Ubbelohde viscometer, Level tank, Thermal tank with delay, Triple thermal tank, Vacuum oven

Summary of the Laboratory Activities:
Teaching of practical process control in undergraduate level
A wide variety of aliphatic and aromatic polyesters and copolyesters are produced in 2 stainless Buchi reactors. Molecular weights of polymers are measured using Ubbelohde viscometer in water bath. Acid group titration is carried out to determine degradation of polyesters. Finally electrospinning apparatus is used to produce nanofibers.

The annual average No. of students, receiving education: 
60 bachelor and 6 graduate students

The annual average No. of samples, received from industries/outside of the department:
1 samples

The annual average No. of samples, received from the students in the department: 
20 batch polyester synthesis and 20 nanofiber production during a year

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