Department of Polymer Engineering- Color Physics laboratory
Color Physics laboratory

Clear images and colors
Head: Dr. Saeideh Gorji Kandi
Technician: Hosein Saeedi (PhD student)
Address: second Floor, Department of polymer Engineering
Telephone: +98(21)64542431


Educational/ Research:
Education and Research
Principal Experiments:
Reflective Spectrophotometry, Transmission Spectrophotometry, Gonio-spectrophotometry, Turbidity

Reflective Spectrophotometer, Transmission Spectrophotometer, Gonio Spectrophotometer, Turbidimeter

Summary of the Laboratory Activities:
•             Color physics Lab course for a number of students in two consecutive semesters
•             Performing related tests for students and clients from industry
•             Doing research in color physics, colorimetry, object appearance, color imaging
The annual average No. of students, receiving education:30-40 
The annual average No. of samples, received from industries/outside of the department:20-30 samples
The annual average No. of samples, received from the students in the department:1000 samples

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